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You will be amazed when you discover all of options for wall-to-wall carpeting, custom carpet designs, and custom area rugs for your home!

Need an area rug? Don’t worry about shopping endlessly for pre-made area rugs – have one custom-made to fit your needs and style preferences!

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Wondering if carpet is the right option for you? We help you ask the right questions, so you can make the smart choice. We love the warm look of homes that combine traditional hardwood floors and today’s modern carpets, and our installers are experts in marrying the seams between both surfaces, so you have a flawless finish – we guarantee it!

Concerned about Allergies? It is a misconception that carpets aggravate allergies. Actually, the opposite is true! The air outside your house comes in on your clothes, shoes, bags, and more. For hardwood surfaces, allergens are at the whim of the natural flow of air in your home, concentrating within a 3-foot range from the floor up. Vacuuming or sweeping your hardwood floors will only pick up the allergens that have momentarily hit the floor, leaving the rest floating about in the air. The technology of today’s carpets will trap those free-flowing allergens until you vacuum, making the breathable air better for you and your family between vacuums.

Our design experts will help you determine what carpeting solution is best for you.  We will help you narrow down your selections until we are both sure you’ve found a durable carpet choice that complements your style, personality and the way you will live life in your home.